Based in Valenza, MI.VA is a Factory specialized in microcasting process.
From 30 years is the leading company in this field, thanks to its professionality, competence and for its long experience in microcasting of noble metals, such as 14kt Gold, 18kt Gold and Silver.
Since 1989, year in which the activity started, the goal is to get the highest level of quality product in the field of microcasting jewels.
The areas of processing work go from the creation of a rubber mold to the next use of injector, a last generation machine that makes a series of waxes compliant to the original product, essential element for the pursuit of the other activities, aimed at satisfy the evolution, the different requests of market and of the clients.
As a result, the option of printing 3D for the fusion work is provided to the customers, besides a precious technique support followed by continuous testing.



Our pride from the beginning.